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Blocking a Website through MAC OSXBlocking Websites through your Router Blocking Websites with an Application Blocking Websites through Safari Community Q&A If you spend most of your time working in front of a computer, you already know how difficult managing your time can be: so many entertaining options just a click away! Blocking certain sites on the web is a quick and free process that can help you be more productive.

You can block websites by using the terminal in OS X, adjusting settings on your router, installing a blocking program, or by adjusting your Safari browser settings.

For information on running scans and removing the items found, see the Exterminate It! Please note, that during the removal of the cookie using Exterminate It!

, the cookie is only temporarily removed and it will be automatically recreated when you visit the website again, or when you visit any other website that uses any of the components.

Steps are different for different browsers and versions.

If you use Google Chrome, or Safari, visit their help sections to get the same results.

Download and install parental control software onto the computers in your home.

Once Web content filtering and security settings are saved, they are applied to devices and computers when they connect to a configured network.

Note: This article refers to the Open DNS Dashboard.

Umbrella Dashboard users, this article generally does not apply to you except for DNS concepts.

Open DNS solutions such as Family Shield use additional filtering features managed by Open DNS, which makes Family Shield the fastest and easiest way to protect children from adult content on the Internet.

Open DNS Administrators can specify Web content filtering and set custom security features in Open DNS Basic, VIP, School, and Enterprise solutions.

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This will ensure that children cannot tamper with settings in order to gain access to dating services without your permission.

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