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PRATTEN residents are soon to be feeling the effects of the flooding well into this evening.S Mayor Tracy Dobie has issued a warning to the town's residents to ensure preparations are well underway.Anglo American has not commented, although it is believed the company met with employees about the redundancies on Friday.

Severe Weather Warning: Heavy rain and damaging winds from ex #Cyclone Debbie.A RANGE of positions with labour hire contractor One Key were advertised for work at "a Bowen Basin mine near Middlemount" on Friday.The same day Anglo American confirmed 83 positions would be made redundant at its German Creek mine next week.I look at people my age, at my friends and strangers and think: ' Wow, you have your sh*t together'. let you off on that :) Also, don't want to be negative but please don't call me 'babe', 'hun', 'doll', 'georgeous' & 'darling' - I'm none of these..Sometimes I feel jealous that I don't have a cat and deposit down on a house but then I remember the:- sunrise over Angkor Wat - running through the stadium in the Pyongyang marathon - climbing the glacier in Kazbegi mountains.- mouthwatering Pho with HCMs students on a budget but who still paid for my meal- a game of archery on a night train from North Korea with DPRKs national archery team- night fireworks on the deserted Nakasan beach - most amazing 7h train journey in China where faith in people was restored. I often turn things into a joke, I get friendzoned by everyone. Oh, I wear braces - it's been almost a year now. I'll be catching flies this summer if all goes according to the plan!

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  1. I myself have been the moderator for online relationship forums starting back with People Link and Qlink (systems into which you had to dial in, before there was ubiquitous Internet), and even back then, the question came up quite regularly.

  2. To find out more about the secret sauce behind the line, I caught up with Claudia to chat Insta-trends, application tricks (because, real talk, liquid lipstick is trickier to put on than the regular stuff), and more.