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As Culture Map food authority and event judge Eric Sandler explained, the trick to the luxe and expensive cut of meat is to allow its intense flavor to shine naturally.

To overwhelm this delicacy with too complex of a conconction is a sin. 13's Katherine Whaley and Benjy's Joshua Silver agreed.

Special Interests – He enjoys preventative health, looking after children and pregnant women.

Personal Interests – Outside of medicine he likes to spend time cooking and traveling.

Chang, who lost power for part of the feud, prepared his Texas T Kobe strip with Korean red pepper dry rub over a dashi reduction accompanied by sake-poached shingo pears and a sharp cheddar and gruyère macaroni purse.

Conceived by Asia Society director of performing arts and culture Evan Wildstein (who deserved yet another mazel tov for his recent engagement to Huda Alsheikh), the gathering welcomed some 100 young professionals including James Ozenci, Ruben Lizaola, Justin Lasiewicz, Heliz Forouzan, Christina Dang, Lien Pham, Melissa Permé, Adam Johnson and Claudia Sartori.Vina and Anthony have had many adventures together and are anticipating many more to come! Makes a 9-5 office job look like a dirty weekend at a Sandals Hedonism Resort, really.She has lived in Australia most of her life and in the Inner West for almost 10 years.Special Interests – She has a Diploma in Paediatrics and particularly enjoys looking after young children and their families.

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