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Gays, lesbians and bisexuals from all over the world ready to connect live.For Live Gay Video Chat, go to our new site, the #1 gay chat community on the net!Huckabee observed this morning, "Obama telling us that we shouldn't really be too patriotic on the 4th of July is like telling people in church they shouldn't think about God too much when they go there.This is unbelievable."➤ Get help with ALL aspects of Buzzen IRC➤ From beginner to advanced help available ➤ Supports TG007and➤ Latest RSS feeds from all major scripting sites➤ Support Forum and Downloads provided freely♦ 21 , age must be in profile♦ No guests ♦ All lifestyle practices welcome ♦ Gor friendly/serves & roleplay welcome♦ Explicit open scening allowed ♦ Be respectful of other lifestyle choices that are not your own. I only learned last week that she had passed a month ago. Helen was a formidable dem loyalist, and an equally loving friend. Dems are breaking their obstructionism oath as they have finally figured out that they need a platform to run on in 2018. Maybe they'll also get it that Republicans aren't the enemy, terrorists are. Having broken all of his promises regarding ACA & Medicaid already and reversing his position a half dozen times, Trum Putz does it again-- Repeal now, replace later.Many of the members here have known each other back in the MSN chat days.All religions and faiths and belief systems welcome! bonjour et bienvenue a tous dans le salon de le-salon-des-bon-amis et a toute attention cette salon est réservé au français belge italien anglais etas uni canada espagnole Irlande U.

We're run BY Kinksters FOR Kinksters, and for anyone else interested in the world of kink and fetish, as well as for anyone involved or interested in the BDSM, S&M and D/s lifestyles...

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Too practical to buy his dream car, a restored 1966 Mustang, he detailed our 11-year-old Prius. I went alone, binged on Netflix and splurged on room service. Greene Park; throwing snowballs at each other; and then, as the seasons change, ducking inside a theater to avoid a spring rainstorm; and finally picnicking in Prospect Park, the summer sun setting behind us. Outside, what looked like dark clouds hang over lower Manhattan. Todd decided to stay home with our toddler and newborn. Her keening, inconsolable cries continued for months. I uploaded them to the Power Point, sat back and watched a story unfold. The photos of our summer now rest closely to my heart on an i Phone in my shirt pocket — pictures of our kids having what they described as the best summer ever, and photos of Todd and me on the road, proof that we’ve moved forward, on a journey together, to rediscovering our better selves.

I dreamed of Paris, but used a Groupon for a 3-star D. We were gay dads — part of that newly discovered species of parent made famous by sitcoms, celebrity magazines and commercials for Campbell’s Soup. But we were part of a special tribe who had fought bigotry and biology to create family. It didn’t.“This isn’t how I pictured our We met in New York, specifically an AOL chat room — that pre-Grindr, pre-Tindr marketplace for meet-ups. Mine was gymrat.“It’s a picture of me in Israel,” he typed. Inside, the TV plays loops of jets piercing two skyscrapers. Todd lived in sweatpants that stank of sweat and stale formula. His childhood photos seamlessly transitioned to that shirtless photo of him in Israel and then to ones of us together; with our daughters in our arms, in strollers, on our shoulders and laps, and finally as almost teenagers at our sides. Not poster children for a picture perfect “gay family,” they were kind and helpful to others, loyal to each other and brave in the face of what was happening around them. I sat there, remembering the man I met 16 years ago. So had I, along with some of our dreams for our lives, both big and small.

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