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Action Switch Archive Storage.perform Action(Unknown Source) at com.appframework. Retrieve archive without Group Wise Client We are currently using Group Wise 6.5, somebody made a decision to run both Group Wise and Exchange...At this particular branch, Group Wise client is being removed from pc's and mail is being migrated to exchange..While the repair appears to have been successful, it totally wiped out the index files. Try TID10076015, but remember to do a backup -- Best Regards Tommy Mikkelsen IT Quality A/S Denmark Novell Support Forums SYSOP Please Report back any success or failure, That way we all learn Sorry, but no support through email "I hate bugs"....... Quickfinder indexing on Archive Have a Groupwise account where search does not find anything in the archive (500MB). In Online mode, hold down the shift button while shifting into archive mode, and a GW Check prompt should appear -- Best Regards To... I am running GW 6.5 client and I am wondering if I can use the Group Wise client to open the archive directly without the Group Wise server.He can't do a ' Find' because it just runs forever. I've determined that everytime he opens the client, it does some indexing. Tommy Lee Jones, MIB Be a Group Wise R, go Group Wise 7 client read a Group Wise 6 Archive? I have run a rebuild and fix on the archive, that removed the old indexes which were 0 byte files anyway. Long time ago I saw a Group Wise tip found on the web that said when start the Group Wise client, on the path for "Caching mailbox path", enter the archive path i.e. The usual auto archive is done by the client as the post of..7x client archive access I can't set my archive location to a Netware drive, only to a location on my local hard drive.

Oracle Database provides several indexing schemes that provide complementary performance functionality.It's a common misunderstanding that Quick Finder Indexing is only needed if Group Wise Document Management is involved.Because of this misunderstanding, some customers have disabled Quick Finder Indexing. The programmatic reason for this is explained below: The indexes created by Quick Finder Indexing are used by Group Wise whenever users use the "Find" feature either in the Group Wise client, or a Find Results Folder (those are folders with an icon that shows a magnifying glass).Data is often inserted or loaded into a table using either the SQL*Loader or an import utility. The other day he received an error message and the archive ended up being repaired.

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