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Notice that if the upgrade process is left unattended and the system requests input during the upgrade there is a high possibility of services being unavailable, you can reduce the downtime if you do a minimal system upgrade, as described in Section 4.4.4, “Minimal system upgrade”, followed by a kernel upgrade and reboot, and then upgrade the packages associated with your critical services.Upgrade these packages prior to doing the full upgrade described in Section 4.4.5, “Upgrading the system”.This is a fast and user-friendly tool for retrieving the Ports Collection and is the recommended choice for most users.This utility connects to a Free BSD site, verifies the secure key, and downloads a new copy of the Ports Collection.GRUB 1.99 is included on Ubuntu releases 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) and later.

By default, named is not allowed by the SELinux policy to write, create or delete any files EXCEPT in these directories: $ROOTDIR/var/named/slaves$ROOTDIR/var/named/data$ROOTDIR/var/tmp where $ROOTDIR may be set in /etc/sysconfig/named if bind-chroot is installed.The SELinux policy particularly does NOT allow named to modify the $ROOTDIR/var/named directory, the default location for master zone database files.SELinux policy overrules file access permissions - so even if all the files under /var/named have ownership named:named and mode rw-rw-r--, named will still not be able to write or create files except in the directories above, with SELinux in Enforcing mode.Before upgrading your system, it is strongly recommended that you make a full backup, or at least back up any data or configuration information you can't afford to lose.The upgrade tools and process are quite reliable, but a hardware failure in the middle of an upgrade could result in a severely damaged system.

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